Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body Extract 30% polys.15%+ β-G Hericium erinaceus mushroom



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Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) 10:1 extract of real mushroom fruiting bodies (not mycelia)
BATCH 2017 383 EXP 10/2019
 Potent, concentrated extract of real Lion’s Mane mushrooms (not mycelia)
 •30% polysaccharides, minimum 15% mushroom β-Glucans (not alpha glucans extracted from substrate like found in mycelia extracts)

 1/4 the cost of other similar products, the same price as cheaper knock-off

   mycelia/biomass/ground mushroom products 


Despite being ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more potent than most H. erinaceus products on the market, ours still has among the lowest, if not THE lowest heavy metals content of any in the industry (see below for third party independent heavy metals analysis. You may additionally email us for the original, password secure file). 
Because what good is a nerve growth promoter with mercury and lead? 
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***This product can also be found in our mushroom capsule formulations. As all the time, no fillers, excipients, or other additives of any kind***
Note to consumer: Reishi, like Turkey Tail, is a polypore mushroom. These higher mushrooms are characterized by their tough, woody texture, and chitinous cell walls. These mushrooms must be properly extracted to be of use medicinally. Powdered mushroom products are a waste of money as our digestion cannot break down the fiber-like cell walls to access the constituents. 

Some important facts…

We have made up our minds not to list the names of these companies, but we hope the information will be enough for our customers to make informed decisions about their medicinal mushroom purchase. Our business model has all the time been one of low advertising and high transparency. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask us.

Our Reishi extract is the exact same extract (same specification, from the same manufacturer) used by one of the vital popular retailers of medicinal mushrooms in their Reishi elixir… They call it a dual extraction. Whilst it does have lipid soluble triterpenes… it is only a hot water extract. We sell both. Our capsules are a true dual extract. We also sell an alcohol only extract of Reishi on our website.

The starch conspiracy. Another company claims that sellers of cheaper products than theirs either 
A) are using mycelia based products with starch from the substrate mixed in, misleadingly elevating the polysaccharide figures (this is a real problem, this is why MushroomShen only sells mushroom (fruiting body) extract. Mycelia is indeed cheaper to produce and impossible to separate from any remaining grain/substrate), 
B) are using real mushroom extract, but adding in starch to elevate the polysaccharide figures (a small problem in some products, especially single serve packages, where the starch is incessantly used to prevent caking). 
We do neither. The real reason their product is so expensive, is because they buy from a company out of Canada. This middle man in Canada buys a lot (maybe all) of their product from a company we also deal with out of China. This head company is a great company, they require large purchase orders, and they do have decent product. MushroomShen every so often sources from them, but we have other suppliers who set an even higher standard than them. The price this retail company charges is quite astounding. Yes, their beta glucan numbers are slightly higher than ours. Most of ours are standardized to 10% minimum. The reason we do not retail the higher beta glucan specifications is because they incessantly use an enzyme assisted process in order to achieve greater concentration of certain constituents, incessantly at the expense of having a wider array of active constituents which we feel gives a better representation of the whole herb. 

And after all, perhaps the worst offender… We have talked to several of our customers who have asked a certain seller on eBay for their proof of organic certification. They have yet to respond. Sadly, JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CLAIMS CERTIFIED ORGANIC, DOESN’T MEAN IT ACTUALLY IS! ASK THEM FOR A BATCH-SPECIFIC ORGANIC CERTIFICATE!

We are happy to be a part of the eBay community and will continue to serve our customers in the most cost effective manner conceivable! Thank you!!


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