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Get well. Supplement Your Way of life. Refreshing Taste. 45 Cal. Clean. Flippantly Carbonated. No longer an Energy Drink. Recovery Blend: Glutamine, Glucosamine, Amino Acids, BCAAs, Electrolytes, CoQ-10, Turmeric, Quercetin, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins C, D, & E, Full B Complex, Omega 3 EFA. Never Any Artificial Colors or Sweeteners. LIFEAID BEVERAGE CO. LLC is a leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products in your active Way of life. All of our products have different nutrients, different flavors, same low calories, no sodium & never any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Revel in!

Warnings: Not beneficial for children under 12 or women at the same time as nursing or pregnant. Keep out of succeed in of youngsters. Consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen.

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