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Many aging individuals find themselves under assault from rising blood sugar levels. Despite a healthy diet and exercise, blood sugar levels can rise because of numerous factors including excess gluconeogenesis where by the liver produces glucose from protein. Another issue is the rapid conversion of any starch, including whole grains, into glucose. The result is that even health-conscious, active people can experience higher-than-desired blood sugar levels as they age.1,2

An all-natural, multi-pronged approach has been designed to give a boost to the natural balance of key glucose pathways. Tri Sugar Shield™ provides three plant-derived nutrients that—through their rich array of complementary mechanisms3-18—have the funds for an unrivaled level of optimal, broad-spectrum give a boost to for healthy glucose metabolism in aging individuals within normal range.

Life Extension® Tri Sugar Shield™ contains the following three nutrients:

Sorghum Bran Extract

Sorghum has long been cultivated in Asia (and now is grown in Africa, India, China, Australia, and the us) and helps deal with healthy blood sugar levels, among those in the normal range, by modulating four different mechanisms:

  • Balances the rate of sugar manufacture in the liver (gluconeogenesis).5
  • Promotes insulin sensitivity.6
  • Regulates PPAR-gamma, a metabolic thermostat supporting glucose metabolism.6,7
  • Regulates the enzyme alpha-amylase, which in turn maintains the release of sugar found in starch.3,4

Mulberry leaf extract

Mulberry leaf has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Mulberry leaf extract targets three different mechanisms:

  • Targets the alpha-glucosidase enzyme to keep an eye on conversion of starch into glucose.8-10
  • Supports glucose transporter GLUT4 that moves glucose out of the bloodstream and into muscle and liver cells.11,12
  • Promotes insulin sensitivity.13


Phloridzin is a natural polyphenol found in quite a lot of fruit trees.14 Phloridzin helps deal with healthy blood sugar levels, among those in the normal range by:

  • Targeting carrier protein SGLT1, in turn helping to block the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.15,16
  • Targeting carrier protein SGLT2, in turn supporting glucose elimination by way of urine.17,18

By targeting all of these diverse glucose pathways, Life Extension® Tri Sugar Shield™ delivers the widest conceivable give a boost to to help naturally stabilize already healthy glucose levels.


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