Korea Beauty V-Line Care Device HeadrangW FaceLine Trainer Slimming Pressuring M





Product Details

  • Brand             HEADrang W / SPT    

  • Efficacy            Do away with Dead Skin & blackhead of Nose

  • Component      Body + Band + Tightening band + Clean Pad + Manual

  • Q’ty                1 Set

  • Country of Manufacture            Korea,
    Republic of


  • 30 minutes a day, Only for 100 days
  • Anytime !!  Anywhere !!  Freely !!
  • A Way to make your face smaller 

Wearing Time

  • For the first time (Adaptation Period):  15 min
  • General Usage (Maximum 2 times a day):  30min/session (Only the usage of Body)
  •                                                         20min/session (Body + Band)
  •                                                         (If temporomandibular joint weak, Pls the usage of for only half times of really helpful)
  • Under strong pressure (Maximum 2 times a day):  15min/session (Body + Jaw Band)
  •                                                         (If temporomandibular joint weak, Pls don’t use the jaw band)
  • After the usage of the product, pls softly chill out the muscles with 3 minutes massage.

Recommended Size

  • S     Children (7 years ~ 12 years)

  • M    Teens & Adults (13 years & above)



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