iSerra 250,000 SPU Maximum Strength Serrapeptase 90 Delayed Release Capsules.



Product Description

iSerra 250,000 SPU is an incredibly potent pure serrapeptase product that may be rated at 250,000 SPU per capsule

Did you understand Serrapeptase is among the world’s finest enzymes that toughen normal mucus levels? iSerra 250,000 SPU is a wonderful choice for promoting healthy sinus activity right through cold and flu season. iSerra 250,000 SPU could also be the very best addition to ice to toughen a normal inflammatory response after sports injuries and invasive procedures.

iSerra 250,000 SPU is Professional Grade and its Potency Doubles that of its Competitors.

Just 1 Capsule of iSerra Delivers 250,000 SPU.

iSerra 250,000 SPU utilizes delayed release technology that protects it from being destroyed by gastric acids of the stomach to allow the active ingredient to get to the intestine for proper absorption and functioning.

iSerra has plenty of different benefits that may assist with the following:

  • Anti-Inflammation and Toxin Removal*
  • Normal Blood Clotting*
  • Normal Scar Tissue*
  • Healthy Cardiovascular Health*
  • Promote healthy sinus activity*
  • Promote free joint mobility*
  • Muscle tears and pulls*
  • Surgical recovery*
  • Normal fluid retention such as swelling*
  • Potent fibrinolytic activity*
  • Promotes recovery after physical stress*
  • Boosts energy levels*
  • Sport injuries*
  • Normal Mucus Levels*

Products Expires 08/31/2018


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