ISatori Bio – Gro Protein Synthesis Amplifier Dietary Supplement (60 Servings)



Bio-Gro from Isatori
Build better and leaner muscle
60 Servings Each
Direct from the Manufacturer
Authorized Distributor

Retail Price: $35.99 Each Our Price: $23.85 – $64.48!!

» Reduces time for recovery
» Speeds up protein synthesis
» Increases strength
» Supports healthy muscle mass
» Sugar and gluten free

Bio-Gro has been designed to decrease recovery time and increase mass at the same time as ramping up on muscle strength. Bio – Gro comprises bio active peptides (broken down proteins) which allow the body to increase the rate of protein absorption, which leaves your body shredded! It is simple, it allows your body to digest more protein each hour in order that your muscles can get well and build faster than ever. Don’t be a shrimp on the gym anymore, get the body you deserve!

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