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We are offering all 3 models of the Invacare Mariner shower commode wheelchairs!!!
Model 6895 is out of stock until mid November 2017! Place your order now and as soon as they’re to be had we will be able to have them shipped to you.

As seen in the photos there are 2 options of the 3 that come with self propelling 24″ rear wheels. The 2 models with the rear wheels are 6795 and 6895. 
The difference between the two self propelling commode wheelchairs is the width between the armrests. 

Model 6795 comes as the smallest option we offer at 16″ width between the arm rests. 

Model 6895 comes with the 18″ width between the arm rests.

Both of these options come with a Safety strap included and treaded urethane wheels.

The third option we offer is the Model 6891 Invacare Shower Commode Wheelchair. As seen in our second photo in the listing this doesn’t come with the urethane 24″ rear wheels. That means that Model 6891 comes with 4 swiveling 5″ Caster wheels. This model has a width of 18.5″ between the armrests. The 6891 Invacare Mariner Shower Commode Wheelchair is the most common option we see used in facilites because of staff having an easier time pushing from in the back of with the 5″ casters. This is also the lightest model offered at 32 lbs total. Both other options are 40 lbs.

Working with Nursing Homes and Rehab Facilities each day, we find that this model of shower commode is the easiest to use and a local favorite.

The Invacare® Mariner™ Rehab Shower Commode Chair offers rust-resistant aluminum frames and stainless steel hardware,
which make them ideal to be used in the shower. In addition, these new chairs fit over most standard and elongated bowls for over the
toilet use as well. They feature flip-back padded arms that lock down for safety, swing-away front riggings with tool-free adjustable
height footrests and a four-position padded seat. The Invacare Mariner Commode Chair offers more than a few seat widths and wheel options
for a custom fit together with additional features and benefits.
Special Features

Aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware
Flip-back padded arms lock down for safety
Tool-less adjustable height footrests for custom comfort
Folds into a compact unit for storage and transport
Safety strap included

Feel free to message us with any questions regarding your purchase or any other needs for Durable Medical equipment! We are here to help


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