Innovative Laboratories BLACK MAMBA 90 CAPS The best thermogenic fatburner



Black Mamba – this is an extreme burn directed to very experienced athletes. It leads to extremely rapid changes in the silhouette and supports the most intense workouts.

    The effect of immediate energy and fat burning
    It works fast and effectively – only when you want it
    Metabolism dissolved many hours after falling agitation!
    Not possible to describe the rate of utilization of excess fat
    It limits the formation of new fat tissue
    Precise grinding of the silhouette in places that are resistant to combustion
    Extremely fast changes in appearance with visible eye
    Guaranteed suppression of over the top appetite, sweaty taste and snacks
    It reduces the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, eliminates lack of motivation to exercise
    Increases your fitness, allowing you to train intensively

Innovative Black Mamba is so powerful that one capsule is sufficient to feel the dose of vigorous “kick”, and burning fat is like never before! At the same time as other fat burners require taking from 4 to 6 tablets to see a small effect …

Black Mamba’s key to success is the many biochemical pathways. Unlike other products that try to burn fat by one biochemical pathway, Innovative Black Mamba multiplies these pathways with highly advanced multifaceted formulations that are more effective. These custom patented blended trademarks.

The scientific team at Innovative Lab has taken a giant step forward in the new dimension of energy, vigilance, appetite keep watch over and fat loss, with the introduction of BLACK HYPERRUSH MAMBA.

Dosage and usage: Apply 1 cap for 30 minutes before intensive training. With regards to experienced riders, one cap may be added all over the day or in the morning, maintaining no less than 6-8 hour intervals between portions. Never use more than 2 capsules per day. A burn only for advanced users.


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