InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer



This is a principally brand-new InBody 570 body composition analyzer. It was once purchased in February of 2017 and has been utilized in our personal training gym the last 8 months. It’s still under the original manufacture’s warranty, even though the unit is in absolute best working condition. No blemishes, no scratches, no wear or tear; the unit looks and operates like new. It comes with the original Samsung printer from the manufacturer for printing records, in addition to additional hand/foot wipes and the results sheets from InBody. 

Our reason for selling – We now have a very small training gym, and because We now have so few clients we have made up our minds the InBody 570 model is far above our needs. We now have already reached out to the manufacturer and have walked in the course of the process of resetting the machine back to its original factory settings. 


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