IASO TEA Herbal Detox Weight Loss System-1 Week Supply Total Life Changes (TLC)



IASO TEA Herbal Detox Weight Loss System

1 Week Supply by Total Life Changes – Makes 1 Gallon of Herbal Tea

(1) Package comprises 2 tea bags for one week supply

Bring 1 quart (1L) of water to a full, rolling boil. 
***Do NOT microwave for heating or reheating.***
Add 2 tea bags to the water and cover.
Remove from heat and let steep for 4 to 8 hours.
Combine steeped tea with 3 quarts (3L) cold water to make 1 gallon of tea.  
+++Do not remove tea bags.+++

Recommended Usage
Drink one (1) 8 oz. glass with lunch
Drink one (1) 8 oz. glass with dinner
Optional: Drink one (1) 4 oz. glass with a snack.

After drinking the gallon of tea, save the tea bags, dry the tea herbs and simply add to any foods, soups, sauces, stews, salads, potatoes, and the like.

This product comprises cathartic herbs. 
Pregnant and nursing mothers, the elderly, children and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition 
should consult with a physician prior to the usage of this or any herbal supplement.  
Statements regarding the effects of this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  
This product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Total Life Changes, LLC
***We are authorized distributors of TLC Products.  Our products are shipped directly to us from Total Life Changes (TLC).  Probably the most Iaso Tea packages won’t have the ‘Certified Organic 100% Authentic’ seal imprinted on the top right hand corner of the package.  Alternatively ALL of the Iaso Tea packages have the Total Life Changes (TLC) Logo imprinted on the top left hand corner of the package. We be sure to 1000% that ALL of our products are Certified Organic 100% Authentic directly shipped to us from the company (TLC).***
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