IASO TEA!!! 1 PACK /1 Week supply Total Life Changes (TLC) ONLY $7.99 Organic



1 pack of Iaso Tea makes a Gallon which last a week. All disease starts in the digestive system an important system in the body. Iaso tea is a brilliant all natural detox tea. Just google it and see the reviews and what people are saying about it.  Many of us lose 5 lbs. after the first 5 days. But everyone experiences the digestive benefits from this product.  With the entire unhealthy food we all eat and the entire harmful pollutants and toxins and parasites we are all exposed to every day this tea is a should have for us all. This can be a gentle day-to-day all natural detox designed to control bowel movements to keep things moving and not sitting around which in turn causes bigger problems down the road. Free Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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