HuBDIC HBF-3000 Black Digital Scale Body Fat Analyzer



High-performance ITO film impedance body composition analyzer developed by professional medical equipment manufacturing enterprises HuBDIC
Using the highly conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film electrode impedance measurement method, it has no resistance measurement minute details of the human body to indicate the accurate measurement results. 
Made with safety glass and frame, it’s safer and more durable.
HuBDIC HBF-3000 measures weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, body muscle percentage and bone percentage.
Made with safety glass and frame, it’s safer and more durable.
It’s easy to use with one-touch buttons and sensors way, in not up to one minute when the auto-off feature saves battery is unused.
Before the usage of it you’ll be able to set up to eight personal information (gender, activity level, height, age).
LCD is designed to be clear and is equipped with a blue backlight, the display can also simple and easy to use.

Please make a choice the color. If you do not make a choice the color, then it’ll be shipped on random color.
Humidity, sweat, socks and accurate measurement will not be written up on the scaffolding with slippery conditions.
Model: HBF-3000
Color: Black, White
Dimension: 321 x 321 x 25 mm
Weight: 1.63 kg
Display: Digital LCD Backlight
Measurement unit: kg
Measurement range: 5 – 150 kg
Power: DC 6V (4 x 1.5 AAA battery)
HuBDIC established its own research and development organization and has since invested heavily in the development and design of new and innovative technologies for healthcare products.
HuBDIC is actively involved in bettering its existing products, and in the development of new and innovative items.
The product development activities center of attention on “Silver Care, Baby Care, Beauty Care, Patient Care” issues and on innovative solutions to fresh produce post harvest problems.


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