Home Care Portable Intelligent Oxygen Bar Nebulizer 90% 1-5L US FAST SHIP!



me Care Portable Intelligent Oxygen BAR Nebulizer 90% 1-5L

– Atomization function
– Concentrations as much as 90%, the drift can also be adjusted from 1L to 5L.
– Excellent filtering performance.
– Intelligent keep an eye on is convenient to make use of.
– Mute design more comfortable,not up to 45 db.
– Add Shockproof mat more secure.
– Bacteria filter oxygen more secure.
– Remote keep an eye on operation more convenient.
– Oxygen stable.
– Small volume, convenient to carry.
– Timing function.
– Oxygen concentration display
– CE Approval

– Rated power : 120W
– Oxygen : separation by pressure swing adsorption
– Inhalation : ear type inhalation
– Oxygen concentration :40%-90%
– Oxygen drift: 1-5L/min(adjustable)
– Noise :not up to 45 db
– Use of our surroundings :0-40℃
– Rated voltage : AC110V/50Hz
– Sate identification: colorless, no smell, can assist to burn
– Negative ion : 10 million units
– Remote keep an eye on distance: ≤6M
– Timing function setting: 15 minutes cycle within 2 hours
– Certification: CE

Package included:
– 1*Main body
– 1*Earphone type oxygen inhalation device
– 1*Nasal suction oxygen
– 1*Atomizer
– 1*Oxygen tube
– 1*Remote keep an eye on
– 1*Power card
– 1*Other accessories
– 1*Quick use guide
– 1*Instructions



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