Hidow Acu XP Micro Physical Therapy Massager, Tens Unit New in Box 8 Modes



High quality massager Tens unit, helps relief pains, has 2 outlets,  4 sticky pads that are reusable and long lasting.

New seal in the box. 
Excellent for muscle building
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That is the one of a kind prime quality and state-of-the-art, muscle simulator massager.
This massager has 8 different massaging therapy modes.

Very easy to work with this device, it has + button to increase the intensity and – button to decrease the sensation.

As well it has timer the T button where it is possible for you to to set the duration of the session and in fact go sleep with it.

It has 2 outlet, it comes with 2 cords and 2 outlets so you’ll be able to use it at 2 areas at a time or share with someone , its works on a rechargeable battery that last about 10 hours straight and only wish to be charged for about 20 minutes for a full charge.

It comes with detailed instructions as well with acupuncture chart that may be use with mode number 2 to direct you where to place the pads for a specific symptom such as: headaches, migraine, fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve and more.

4 sticky pads are included they reusable, 2 medium size , two small size pads, with a view to target specific symptom.
Someone who carry pace maker will have to consult with a doctor before the usage of one of this. 
Similar to the ones offered in chiropractor sessions, mall stands, fairs and shows….
Color: black/silver. 
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