HEAT~WAVE “Citrus” Ultra-Smooth SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool



The HEAT~WAVE Ultra-Smooth SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool’s ingenious “Wave” design and Smooth texture combine the tools needed to give both Relaxing and Therapeutic Hot Stone massage over clothes without oil or against the skin without or with oils! Held with two hands or one, its two long flat sides provide a soothingly surreal and warm sensation at the same time as the five elbow-like knobs and ends work to penetrate deeply where needed. 

Heats in 60-90 seconds in a microwave, between a BodyMed Heating pad or in Hot Water and works over clothes or against the skin with the Ultra-Smooth surface to give gentle to deeper radiant hot massage anywhere you want it. Perform HEAT~WAVE techniques such as Soothe, Rake and Sculpt that make massaging each other or yourself easier and more enjoyable.

SYNERGY STONES are redefining what can also be accomplished with Hot Stone Massage. For their ability to radiate heat longer than any other Stone Tool and for having the ability to perform gentle to deep muscle sculpting, these tools mean business for professionals in addition to anyone wanting to do more with less effort. Massage Therapists, athletes, couples, professionals and on a regular basis people all over the world are discovering why Heat~Wave SYNERGY STONE’s are the most advanced massage tools available. 

  • Ultra-Smooth to be used OVER CLOTHES without oils or against the skin without or with oils.
  • Gets HOT Fast in the Microwave, between a BodyMed Heating Pad or in Hot Water.
  • Synergizes HEAT~WAVE Hot Stone Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage benefits.
  • For Massage Therapists, Athletes, Couples, People in Pain and anyone wanting some great benefits of relaxing and therapeutic Hot Stone Massage.
  • SYNERGY STONES make massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give warm, soothing massage.
  • Patent Pending Revolutionary ergonomic design.
  • Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA. U.S.A.


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