HEAROS Ear plugs – Xtreme Ear Protection Series,100 Pair




MADE IN THE USA – Silky smooth, hypoallergenic, super soft proprietary formulation of polyurethane foam for an ultra premium user experience. Popular tapered shape with flat back and its well known blue color.

ORIGINAL FORMULA – EASY TO INSERT and use. Comfortable roll down slow recovery foam gives user time to properly insert ear plugs and achieve the best, most comfortable fit every time

NOISE REDUCTION RATING (NRR) 33 Decibels . The highest rating for a foam earplug. HEAROS Certified hearing protection offer provide an uncomprimized balance between performance and comfort. People with a smaller ear canal may want to take a look at HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series

PROTECT your hearing in loud environments at work and home. Block snoring noise so you fall asleep and stay asleep. Protect your hearing at concerts and jam sessions. Block annoying noises at the same time as traveling. Protect your hearing when shooting guns. Block noise so you’ll focus and study

USES – Ideal for all of your noise reduction needs such as sleeping, studying, commute, meditation, reading, concerts, loud events, shooting and many more

Make a sound choice for your hearing health. Add HEAROS Xtreme Protection Foam Ear Plugs to your cart today.
Sound advice from hearing professionals

Hearing loss is irreversible so it is imperative that you safeguard your hearing from jackhammers, sirens and other extreme noise levels that harm nerve endings. HEAROS Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs prevent a deluge of damaging decibels from assailing your ears. These soft polyurethane foam hearing protection plugs give you a customized fit by conforming to the contours of your auditory canals and blocking out loud noises that cause hearing loss. HEAROS Earplugs have been tested according to ANSI specifications S319-1974 for your peace of mind.

Designed for comfort and easy use

HEAROS Ear Plugs are made of hypoallergenic foam, making them safe for the most sensitive ears. A soft, closed-cell skin prevents dirt build-up and permits comfortable wear for long periods. The EZ-Grip design lets you roll the plugs between your fingertips and then insert them in your ears. Enjoy the game from the 50-yard-line, block out your snoring spouse, or enjoy your new book in solitude. With NRR 33 being the highest grade for foam ear plugs, these noise-cancelling HEAROS Ear Plugs combine superior comfort and protection for your hearing.

HEAROS Ear Plugs are made in the USA, using stringent manufacturing processes for your peace of mind. Carry them with confidence in your car, gear bag or even in your pocket, so you’ll protect your hearing health wherever you go. With Amazon’s 30-Day Money-Back, you are assured that your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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