Healthy Feet & Nerves EuroPharma (Terry Naturally) 120 Caps



Healthy Feet & Nerves EuroPharma (Terry Naturally) 120 Caps

Growing research and evidence points to using supplemental vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to beef up healthy nerve function, blood sugar metabolism, and inflammatory response. The ingredients in Healthy Feet and Nerves have been carefully selected for any individual who has concerns with healthy glucose metabolism and nerve function all the way through the body, but especially in the feet.

Product Details

Brand Terry Naturally
Size 120
Manufacturer Terry Naturally
Product Type Multiple Vitamin Mineral Combinations
  • Supports healthy nerve function especially in the feet and hands
  • Aids proper blood circulation
  • Supports healthy blood sugar metabolism
  • Utilizes the very best type of active B vitamins, which are a very powerful for nerve health
  • All natural

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