Glucocil 120ct Bottle – #1 at GNC – 100,000+ FB Fans – Direct from Manufacturer



Glucocil® – #1 Blood Sugar Product; 100,000+ Facebook Fans; Since 2008

What’s the name of the game for
normal blood sugar levels?

Most people aren’t aware
of the “3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar”:

Reduce the intestines’
absorption of glucose from food

Reduce the liver’s
production of glucose

Increase glucose uptake
in the body’s cells (or make stronger insulin sensitivity)

Target any one of the vital 3
Essentials and you’ll improve healthy blood sugar levels. But target all 3
Essentials together and you’ll lend a hand keep
your blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Glucocil, developed after 7 years’ laboratory research and clinical studies, is a natural, total blood
sugar solution to target all 3 Essentials together. A product that works fast, is easy to make use of, and in reality promotes
normal blood sugar levels.

Glucocil combines 14 natural ingredients carefully
selected at the basis of 149 clinical and laboratory research studies—in the most concentrated, bio-to be had forms
and the right dosages—putting them into one easy-to-take softgel formula.

Designed from the start
to be a total blood sugar solution, Glucocil offers a full spectrum of benefits:

Promote normal blood
sugar levels

Reduce post-meal blood
sugar elevations

Reduce absorption of
sugars & other carbohydrates

Promote healthy insulin
sensitivity & production

Support normal blood
lipid levels

Promote heart, blood
vessel, and circulatory health

Promote healthy weight

Only Glucocil targets all 3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar to produce results
that have made it the number 1 product of blood sugar category at GNC—the
nation’s largest specialty vitamin retailer—and earned it more than
 100,000 Facebook fans
and reported by news programs on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC


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