GLOW Beverages Premium Sparkling Energy Drink 10.8oz PET Bottle Drink 12 Pack



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Includes 12 Bottles of Glow Sparking Energy – 10.8oz PET

Glow Sparkling Energy offers the entire same benefits that you’ll get from Glow Sparkling Hydration but with caffeine and vitamin B-12 for a fast energy boost. Vitamin B-12 is a natural energy source that helps to keep you going so you don’t experience a caffeine crash.

– All the benefits of the hydration formula
– Added Caffeine
– Added Vitamin B-12
– Only 5 Calories
– Light, Refreshing taste
– 0 Sugar
– Low Carbs (1g)
– Milk Thistle used to offer protection to the liver
– Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants

Glow is to be had in 2 delicious beverage formulas, Glow Hydration and Glow Energy. Both formulae’s are packed with a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins that we call the X Factor. The X-Factor is a restorative combination of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients that refresh your body after a long night or a tough day. Glow’s X-Factor ingredients respond quickly in your body’s pain points so you right away feel “The glow” of the X- Factor. The Glow of renewed energy, vitality and internal wellness after a long night of one too many drinks, a brutal workout or a hot day within the sun. 

No prescription required to feel this Glow! Glow sparkles to your tongue! It’s light, refreshing and it tastes great.

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