Geratherm Basal Thermometer 1 Each (Pack of 9)



Heading Environmentally friendly.
Purpose Thermometer
Manufacturer Rg Medical
Directions Grasp best of thermometer and shake with snapping motion of the wrist until below 97 degrees F. Place under tongue for 3 minutes. Place in magnified case for more straightforward viewing. Before storing, clean with a cotton ball or gauze saturated with isopropyl alcohol. Needless to say, temperature fluctuations are most effective indicators of ovulation. Please consult your physician to assist interpret the guidelines that you’ve charted. This product most effective aids in determining circle of relatives planning techniques.
Uses Click here for more infoNatural circle of relatives planning made secure and easy. Lifetime warranty. Certified accurate. Convenient, easy-read magnifying case. Non-mercury. Incorporates Galinstan, a non-toxic, earth-friendly substitute for mercury.


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