GAT Muscle Martini, The Ultimate Amino Super Drink with 30 servings, Pick Flavor




Muscle martini makes a great, healthy, 100% guilt-free treat between meals. It’s actually delicious, and accommodates incredibly a good option nutrition in each and every sip. The list of reasons why you must make muscle martini your #1, all-day drink is considerable. Its highly absorbable essential amino acids and BCAAS are designed to promote quality muscle size and strength. There are adaptogenic herbs to reduce cortisol, increase energy, and help combat emotional eating. It has beet powder, and with Betacaine and nitric oxide precursors referred to as nitrates. It even supports vasodilation, pumps, and recovery of joint tissue. Plus, it has a patented antioxidant with 17x the power of pomegranate. And with l-ornithine, alpha-ketoglutarate and trans-alanyl-glutamine, it’s anti-catabolic.


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