Fresh New & Sealed FRESH AGRISEPT ORIGINAL Citris Seed Extract EXP 01-19




Agrisept-L SAME CO THAT MAKES CALORAD Collagen EXP 01-2019


* * *This Auction is for 1 Bottle of Agrisept-L* * *

Important note:


The name Agrisept® and it’s formula is and has at all times been


owned and controlled by the manufacturer Nutri-Diem


You are now buying direct without any mlm involvement. 


The product formula is identical as you may also already be familiar with


We have just removed the name EYI on the label and replaced it with the original manufactureres name Nutri-Diem.



Fresh  Agrisept-L Citris Extract


Agrisept-L offers many potential benefits

Agrisept-L contains all natural ingredients

Agrisept-L requires no mixing, no blending and no fuss

Agrisept-L poses no side effects 

When you’ve got any underlying health problems or are pregnant, lactating, or prepubescent visit your health care professional before the use of Calorad AM or any other nutritional supplement.

Personal Note: I find it is much easier to stick to a healthy diet and not crave the starches and sweets whilst taking Agrisept-L



Simply take several drops in your drinking water and enjoy the advantages. That easy.



3. Agrisept-L

Agrisept-L cleanses unwanted yeast in the body. By balancing your body’s flora and fungus levels, it maximizes the advantages of Calorad’s collagen supplementation. Exclusive to EYI, the Agrisept-L formula is an all-natural, non-toxic liquid loaded with bioflavonoids for healthy antioxidant benefits. Referred to as Calorad’s best friend, Agrisept-L primes your body for successful weight loss and the health benefits that go together with it. 



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