Foldable Power Wheelchair by Wheelchair88



Here is a used Foldable Power Wheelchair by Wheelchair88. It is in working condition. It is going to need a new rubber boot, tip and rod on the joystick, but I have priced all of these items and there is in truth a photo of what it would cost to get them through eBay and almost nothing to get them put on. Total to buy them would be araound $25. There will a screenshot of this in the photos.

Other than this, the weight limit on this chair I consider is 275-300, but please do not quote me on that. Here is what Wheelchair88 had to say about this chair:

“Foldawheel PW-999UL as the lightest power wheelchair on the planet, is our first model of lightweight foldable power wheelchair created in 2012. Over time we have been upgrading and improving the parts to meet the highest standard within this lightweight category. We sold such a lot of units in the past few years which helped to improved the life quality of over 5000 users.”

If you want to look up more research on this chair before bidding which I encourage, please visit their site at then look up the kind of chair listed in the quote above and all info will be provided.

If there is any other info I will be able to provide, please ask and I will be able to do my best to answer.

As for the shipping, before even asking, please be advised that I have entered the weight into eBay’s pricing calculator for shipping through USPS and that is where I get all my shipping labels that way all tracking numbers are automatically uploaded and tracked. Please do not ask if this can be at a cheaper shipping cost. If there is a problem with shipping cost, please contact eBay because it is calculated by your destination on the price.

I look forward to do business with you.


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