Enzymedica Digest Spectrum 90 Capsules Vegan & Kosher



Enzymedica Digest Spectrum 90 Capsules Vegan & Kosher

Exp. 11/2018 or better

About the Product

  • THE FULL SPECTRUM: Digest Spectrum is a unique
    combination of high-potency enzymes that provides specialized digestive
    strengthen for those who experience intolerance to foods containing
    gluten, dairy, phenols, vegetables and beans. Supplementing the diet
    with specialized enzymes, like those in Digest Spectrum, may assist in
    lessening discomforts common to more than one food intolerances.

  • EXCLUSIVE THERA-BLEND: Thera-blend is an exclusive
    process that combines more than one strains of enzymes that work in quite a lot of
    pH levels. Amylase Thera-blend is responsible for breaking down starch
    and carbohydrates into smaller sugars, whilst lipase Thera-blend helps
    the body break down fats. Cellulase Thera-blend helps the body digest
    dietary fiber, and protease Thera-blend helps break down proteins.

  • CONTAINS DPP-IV: The enzyme DPP-IV is also included
    in Digest Spectrum, working to promote easier digestion of foods
    containing gluten and casein. Nine other enzymes are included to provide
    a broad range of digestive strengthen.

  • FREE OF: Digest Spectrum contains no egg, corn,
    dairy, rice, soy, potato, gluten, wheat, yeast, nuts, artificial colors
    or fillers, preservatives, casein or sugar, making it an ideal
    supplement for both children and adults with more than one dietary

  • QUALITY + EXPERIENCE: Enzymedica was once founded in 1998
    with the purpose of offering our customers the highest-potency enzyme
    products imaginable. Our goal of educating people about the importance of
    enzymes in overall health is what motivates Enzymedica. All of our
    products are made from only the best quality enzymes and contain
    absolutely no fillers to verify purity. Every product is 100%
    vegetarian, and we are trying to find out vegan and Kosher ingredients whenever


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