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Blood Sugar Health by Emerald Labs

  • HN-all-natural

  • HR-raw

  • HV-vegan

  • MA-additive-free

  • MG-gluten-free

  • ND-dairy-free

  • OS-soy-free
  • PY-yeast-free

  • QH-non-gmo

Blood Sugar Health contains therapeutic dosages of synergistic nutrients including: water-soluble Cinnulin® Cinnamon Bark extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, Chromium, and Alpha Lipoic Acid which were shown to help:

  • Maintain Glucose and Carbohydrate Balance†
  • Minimize “Sweet Cravings” †

It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of Americans struggle with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Blood sugar issue arise when the body does not store enough insulin, cannot use insulin accurately or both. The standard American diet and a sedentary way of life are among many factors which can have an effect on healthy blood sugar levels. When maintaining or improving blood sugar management is important, certain supplements may help in achieving these goals. As at all times, discuss supplementation and any interactions with existing medications with your health practitioner before including in your daily regimen.

Blood Sugar Health Formula Highlights

Each ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver the highest quality combination of nutrients known to enhance blood sugar health.†

  • Cinnulin® – Water-Extracted Cinnamon Bark Extract in the dosages outlined in human clinical trials1,2. Results suggest that this cinnamon extraction “appears to have supporting effects on reducing blood pressure … [and to] enhance glucose transport mechanisms by supporting healthy glucose levels, body composition and blood pressure in healthy individuals.”3† 
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract – Used in Ayurveda medicine for centuries, some great benefits of this powdered form of the ancient wood shrub have been suggested, though not substantiated, through recent studies and research. The primary benefit may include increased insulin secretion, and maintaining health blood sugar levels. In addition, one revered benefit is that it may complement certain blood sugar management treatments.4† 
  • Albion™ Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate – Mineral chelates allow for increased absorption by the body. Chromium is believed to assist the body specifically being able to maximize insulin production efforts. The normal (yet low) levels of Chromium already existing in the body can also be depleted by factors such as diabetic medication, excess iron, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar5 – making bioavailable chromium supplementation important for individuals with these factors&daggger;.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – A chemical compound antioxidant naturally found in broccoli, eggs, liver, brewer’s yeast, and other foods and is believed to enhance glucose management. As an effective antioxidant it may also reduce free radical load, which benefits blood sugar levels along with general health benefits. These benefits include replenishment of Vitamins E and C, and effective carbohydrate utilization for energy.6† 
  • Resveratrol – A powerful antioxidant found in red grapes and tea, it may reduce glucose absorption which can minimize a sharp increase in blood sugar†7
  • RAW Whole-Food Proprietary Blend – In every Emerald product, this distinct blend of organic sprout powders, probiotics, plant enzymes, and super food powders offers increased bioavailabilty and absorption.†


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