Electric Heating Pad with Auto Shut Off — Infrared Heat Therapy Jade Stone Pad



  • FLEXIBLE HEAT THERAPY WRAP: The Jade Stone Warmth Therapy Warmth Mat with auto shut off is flexible enough to hit all areas of the body.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE, SAFE, & DURABLE than conventional therapy heating pads. Uses deep-penetrating therapeutic Warmth to appease sore and painful feet, legs, lower backs, and shoulders. Features natural jade, a long way-infrared Warmth (FAR), and negative ions. Our built-in system prevents electromagnetic field (EMF) disturbances.
  • DURABLE STYLISH CONSTRUCTION: Comes with digital controller, medium length infrared therapy mat, and cables. This Warmth pad with shut off comes fully in a position to be used the day you get it!
  • EASY TO OPERATE SMART DIGITAL CONTROLLER WITH AUTO SHUT OFF: Timer and Temperature settings are both equipped with auto shut-off.
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We strive to make the most efficient and so much useful Warmth pad with timer you could have ever used. That’s why our electric heating pad with auto shutoff comes with HVM’s Original Manufacturer Warranty.


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