ElectraStim Sensavox Electro Stimulator E Stim Stimulation EM140



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Item Description:

Developed especially for the Electro Stimulation Connoisseur the ElectraStim SensaVox has stacks of features and un-rivaled finely controllable power! This unit has two independently controllable outputs allowing you to make use of two bi-polar accessories on the same time or you’ll share together with your partner. Built-in programs, Audio input features, 7-segment LED Displays, Digital Power Keep an eye on, Spice up Feature. Key features include: high intensity in point of fact isolated dual channel output, optimal multi-turn digital power Keep an eye on, output Spice up feature, economy power saving mode for prolonged battery life, more than one modifiable stimulation programs, SensaVox audio input, security measures, low battery warning and durable Keep an eye on panel.


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