Dr. Natura Colonix Colon Cleanse 30 Day Program Natural Liver Detox 02-28-18 EXP




This listing is to purchase a Colonix 30 Day Program by DrNatura.  The kit includes Colonix Fiber (360 grams), Kleritea (30 tea herbal bags) and Paranil (110 vegicaps)


02/28/2018 EXP DATE
Box has a couple of dents but is modern and sealed  

Promotes regularity & digestive health*
    Helps relieve poor digestion, including gas, bloating & occasional constipation*
    Supports a healthy liver*
    Detoxifies the body in 3 easy steps*
    Made of all natural & vegetarian ingredients

All Natural & Vegetarian


Colonix 30 day program – Notice that these don’t seem to be just three kinds of pills, but three different items designed to work well together: herbal capsules, fiber powder and tea. All three products are needed at the same time for a powerful and comprehensive internal cleanse. Every component does a specific job:

    Herbs in Paranil are used to cleanse the liver.*
    The fiber powder is mixed with water or juice and acts like a sponge in the digestive tract, attaching to the build-up at the walls and crevices of the colon.
    Taken right before bed, the herbal tea stimulates the bowels so the body is able to expel the spongy waste material day after today.

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