DR HO’S Therapy System Massager Dual Double Pain Relieve Muscle Relax Stimulator



DR HO’S Therapy System Massager Dual Double Pain Relieve Muscle Relax Stimulator

DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy SystemTM is
a digital massage system programmed to
provide the 12 best soothing massage
techniques that are proven to help
relieve pain and tension in as little as
20 minutes. DR-HO’S NEW Dual Muscle
Therapy System TM is equipped with dual
(2) ports to power four (4) adhesive gel
pads at the same time. Now you’ll be able to treat
different body areas at one time or you
can share a soothing relaxation massage
with another person at the same time.
It’s like doubling your pleasure and
relief in half the time.

DR-HO?S Dual Muscle Therapy SystemTM is
small enough to put inside your shirt
pocket, but powerful enough to provide
fast relief to tense muscles that are
deep and chronically tight. Use it at
home, at work, even as traveling, before
and after any physical activity or
sports events. For chronic and severe
conditions, you’ll be able to use DR-HO’S Dual
Muscle Therapy SystemTM several times
per day to help speed up maximum
recovery. There is not any worry about over
using DR-HO’S because there are no drugs
or chemicals involved. You don’t have to
worry about any chemical side effects.

Principle of commodity
Using microcomputer technology combined
with traditional Chinese medicine
meridian study developed and become,
low-frequency fat blunt micro electric
current is used to examine the various
methods and techniques of artificial
acupuncture and massage; Change much,
can penetrate into the skin deep; The
operation is simple, and can
automatically search points, painless,
no needle acupuncture and massage.
Dredge meridian, is very effective in
relieving physical tension, muscle
stiffness or pain, give a boost to blood
circulation, reduce muscle spasm, etc.,
as a way to achieve the effect of massage
therapy health care!

1, microcomputer control, automatic
adjustment, automatic search point, the
operation is simple and convenient.

2, change, has “hit, knead, grasp, take,
hemp” such as feeling, very comfortable.

3, small volume, convenient to carry, is
available in all places.

4, small power consumption, use 2
section 7 to 1.5 v alkaline battery
(Not included) used once daily,
timing for 10 minutes, the battery life
can be up to 2 months.

Main remedy: through specific low
frequency pulse remedy, to the human
body has a better analgesic, dredge
meridian, to promote blood circulation,
eliminate pain and relieve fatigue, the
remedy effect is obvious, suitable
for all kinds of people.

The applicable scope of massage
health care
Rheumatic arthralgia, trigeminal
neuralgia, headache, migraine, strain,
sprains, periarthritis of shoulder,
waist pain, neck pain, shoulder pain,
back pain, sciatica, stomach pain,
beef up resistance, cervical
spondylosis, weiwantong, compression of
nerve paralysis, stroke hemiplegia,
toothache, abdominal muscle relaxation,
facial paralysis, dysmenorrhea, bone
hyperplasia, neck stiffness, sciatic
neuropathy, insomnia, constipation,
strain of lumbar muscles, limb
paralysis, intervertebral basin is
prominent, joint pain, relieve physical
fatigue, etc…

Replaced method:

Torn the old sticky
pad piece from the remedy. Use a
piece of towel t wipe clean

remedy areas. Rip a new one side of
the adhesive pad protective film. The
stick pad close to the remedy of the
slices, then uncover the protective film
on the other side of the adhesive pad,
then the remedy tablets affixed to
the site to be treated, which can be

Package includes:
1. Dr.Ho’s DOUBLE Machine
2. 1 pair of foot pads
3. 1 pair large electrodes with gel pad

4. 2 pairs small electrodes with gel pad
4 pairs small replacement gel

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