Digital Skin Diagnosis System One-Click Automatic #A-ONE Smart professional



there are 3 different models. this  is sensible professional which has better quality camera with 14.7 megapixel.

Width: 11.8, Height: 14.5, Depth: 18.9 inches / 18 lb

One-click automatic full-facial skin diagnosis

Simple automatic diagnosis with one click
Take 3 photos with Commonplace, UV and Polarized Light
8 integrated skin diagnosis with Prime-Resolution 
Camera and Multi Sensor.
▶ Diagnostic items: Pore, Pigmentation, Wrinkle,
Sebum, Moisture, Elasticity, Skin Tone,
Skin Temperature
Automatic recognition of
eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows
▶ Auto-separating diagnosis of
U zone and T zone
Accurate diagnosis and result

Pore, sebum (U-Zone, T-Zone), wrinkle, 
pigmentation, In-Depth Diagnosis of Moisture, Elasticity, Skin Tone, Skin temperature
Pores in colors consistent with the size
Ratio of Commonplace / Suppurative sebum of 
U-Zone, T-Zone
Comparison and analysis of the results
▶ Comparison with average worth of age group 
of customer and excellent skin condition

Simulation of Before & After treatment

Comparison of photos by the date of diagnosis
Recognition of adjusting face outline with Contour and Overlay function
Prediction and comparison of skin condition with Simulation function
▶ Recognition of change of the surface condition, redness, pigmentation and blemish removal
Recognition of change of the diagnosed worth by graph with Histogram function
Recognition of change of skin condition with History function
Verification of the peak of the face by contour line.
Various functions

Result report printed in 1 page
Recognition of skin surface with 3D viewer
Recommendation of appropriate products to customer by registering products
Shopping cart, purchase list
Customer management
▶ Manage history records
▶ Manage purchase records
▶ Print Diagnosis photo, Shopping cart page.


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