Deva Vegan Probiotic – 90 Caps – EXP 02/20



Deva Vegan Probiotic – 90 Caps – EXP 2/20

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Vegan Probiotic with Prebiotics


We walk and jog. We go to the gym. We watch what we eat. We watch our stress level. All in the name of “Improved Health.” Our heart, muscles, bones and joints…we watch over them like a newborn. But how many of us think of our gut? Well, other than when we get the Bathroom Blues.  Our gut—filled with trillions of bacteria—is among the least paid-attention-to organ in our body, yet it is likely one of the most important for good health. Bacteria line our intestines to help digest our food. During digestion, some of these bacteria help synthesize vitamins, send signals to the immune system, produce lactic acid that can help make conditions unsuitable for bad bacteria and, get involved in other potential health functions that scientists are studying on an ongoing basis.*
When it comes to probiotic products probably the most major challenges is that many bacteria strains are very sensitive to heat and some even have to be refrigerated to preserve the bacterial integrity and quantity. The special Bacillus Coagulans strain used in our product does not have to be refrigerated and is very stable at room temperature. In fact this strain of Bacillus Coagulans tolerates high temperatures so well that it was lab tested in baking conditions (i.e. 210 °F up to 30 minutes) and less than 5% loss in bacterial count was observed. Although we do not recommend exposing the product to high temperatures to ensure best freshness, quality and labeled potency we still wanted to share this information to point out the tough nature of this particular Bacillus Coagulans strain. Please remember that not all probiotics are equal.* 
Not all strains of Bacillus coagulans are considered valuable because only some of them may be able to live on through the acidity of the stomach at high levels, live on in bile salts and, grow and form colonies in the intestines. The special strain used in our product -thanks to its very tough outer shell- is highly resilient to the harsh conditions of the digestive tract and has a high survival rate that enables it to colonize the gut. Unlike some other probiotic bacteria sold on the market that largely die in the stomach acid this one does not require the use of expensive enteric coated capsules, offering significant cost savings for you.* 
Did you know that some so called “dairy free” probiotics are actually grown on dairy based growth medium? Since the dairy is later removed from the finished product by purification they are able to call it “dairy free” but this is not vegan suitable per Vegan Society. Our probiotic strain is grown on non-animal, non-dairy growth medium making it truly vegan. 
100 mg of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are added to each capsule as prebiotics. This sciencey, tongue-twisting word is a type of prebiotic that helps probiotics multiply and grow stronger in your gut. Think of prebiotics as sort of like fertilizer for probiotics and, they could help probiotics outnumber the bad bacteria that’s laying wake to negatively impact the balance of the intestinal flora.(4)*
• FOS is likely one of the most well-known prebiotics. They are found in artichokes, leeks, garlic, onion, wheat and chicory root. But because it is sometimes difficult to get adequate FOS, and many people want more FOS in their gut, supplements are now made available.*
• FOS is a carbohydrate prebiotic. It is made out of a short chain of fructose molecules.* 
• You cannot digest or absorb FOS, so it passes through your digestive tract to the large intestine where they act as a food source for probiotics, thus making probiotics stronger. (3)*  
• FOS has been shown to stimulate certain types of the good bacteria more than others. (1, 2)*
Many of you eat better and take quality supplements for your heart, bones, joints, brain…
Don’t you think it’s time to also take care of your gut?
Try Deva Vegan Probiotic with FOS Prebiotics! 
DEVA™ Vegan Probiotic with FOS Prebiotics is 100% vegan, vegetarian and is registered with the Vegan Society, the non-profit organization that actually invented the word “vegan”. 

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