Chiropractic Medical Handheld Body Rub Back Neck Massager



Chiropractic Medical Handheld Body Rub Back Neck Massager

Smooth Vibe

The best hand hold, powerful Back Neck Massager in the marketplace for over 15 years. Perfect for easing a stiff neck, shoulder, back or sore areas of the arms or legs. This Back Neck Massager specially shaped designed to naturally alleviate pain and stiffness for where the pain or stiffness are even as vibrating massage relaxes knotted muscles.
The Body Rub uses DC power technology which permits efficient operation at an nearly inaudible sound level.
Dual-Speed option. Choose between gentle, relaxing strength to a more powerful, pain-relieving strength.
Conveniently plugs into any standard power outlet and does notRequire an adapter or batteries.
The flat pad is perfect for all areas of the back, neck, muscles, and joints.
You will never have to worry about this machine after you use it, It’s maintenance-free design.

The machine is extremely durable, yet light-weight (7 lb) and its size is 10 x 6 x 9 (inch), 8(ft) long cord.
The motor is completely internal, hair can not get caught within the Body Rub massager (distinct from others brand).

The strong vibration generated by high frequency alternating magnetic field and latest highest functional plays the most important role on yourbody.

Try and see what it would do for you.

1 year warranty.


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