Century Systems The Cleaner 14 Day Women’s Formula – 104 Capsules



Century Systems – The Cleaner Women’s 14-Day Formula – 104 Capsules

Century Systems The Cleaner Women’s 14-Day Formula  is a powerful total internal cleansing reinforce system. It includes organ and parasite cleansing in easy to swallow capsules. After use of The Cleaner, clothes may fit loosely in the stomach area as a result of the elimination of waste.

Century Systems The Cleaner Women’s 14-Day Formula is fast and powerful yet gentle enough to allow you to trip, work and continue your normal routine. It uses vegetable capsules instead of gelatin for those who desire an animal free detox.

  • Helps Remove Waste Pounds
  • Powerful, Comfortable, Easy
  • Fast Acting All-In-One Formula
  • Contains Two 7-Day Detoxes

Are you troubled by constipation, excessive gas, a bloated stomach or recurring headaches?
Are you carrying unwanted pounds, especially around the waist?
Are you Incessantly fatigued and low in energy?
Chances are, it’s because your body isn’t eliminating wastes properly.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is in The Cleaner? 
The Cleaner contains natural herbs and minerals. Look at the label. Everything in The Cleaner is active in some form. Even the veggie capsules are made from cellulose which adds fiber.

How fast will it work? 
It varies based on the individual. From 1 to 3 days is the average time period before you are going to notice results.

What is the minimum age limit? 

Why is it better than other products? 
The Cleaner is superior for several reasons. 

1. Ease and simplicity of use: You only have one bottle and one capsule to keep up with. No two capsules from this bottle, three from another bottle and one from still another bottle. It can get confusing (not to mention expensive) to have all of those bottles and confusing amounts. 

2. Completeness of formula: Incessantly you have to buy several products to get a full and thorough detox. Some may clean the colon but what about parasites? What about prostate or yeast? The Cleaner is complete in one easy to swallow capsule. 

3. No horse pills: The Cleaner dosage is four capsules per dosage but they are compact and easy to swallow. 

4. Economical: Considering all that The Cleaner does, you in reality must compare it to not just a colon cleanser but a parasite fighter, detoxifier, reinforce for yeast elimination, prostrate reinforce, etc. When you look at what The Cleaner does compared to the cost of individual products to do everything, The Cleaner is a bargain.

Is it all natural? 
It depends upon what you mean by natural. There are over 25 herbs in The Cleaner. The Cleaner also has magnesium and a special fiber that is made by the pyrolysis and controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch. Is that natural? Well, yes and no. It just depends on how strict you need to be and how “market savvy” you need to be. Actually, anything altered from its natural state in nature is no longer considered natural. An apple fresh off the tree is natural. Then again, is it natural if it is sprayed with chemical fertilizers? Yes, you would but it isn’t organic? Well suppose polishing glaze was added so the apples had that nice shine that you see in the grocery store? It depends on how strict you need to be. In a strict sense, virtually nothing in a bottle, jar, box or can is truly natural; it has been altered by man (or woman). For the average person using the average definition, The Cleaner can be considered a natural product. 

Is it organic? 
Some of the ingredients would not be considered organic such as the minerals. To be perfectly honest, if you were eating only completely natural and uncooked foods (when food is cooked it is no longer completely natural) then you probably wouldn’t need The Cleaner. The Cleaner is for people who eat unnatural and cooked meats and other foods. Do you fit that category? Then YOU need The Cleaner. 

Can I take it with other Century Systems products? 
We make several other nutritional products. You may take any of our products together with The Cleaner.

Directions: Take 4 capsules (average dose) on the evening of day 1.  On days 2 through 7, take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evening. 

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

If stools become watery, stop taking until tool solidifies and restart with 1-2 capsules. If not having at least one bowel movement per day, take up to 8 capsules per dose until regular.


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