Calcium Pangamate Plus



Vitamin B15 Complete / Pangamic Acid


Energy / Endurance / Lungs / Heart 


5 ingredients in 1 easy to take capsule.
A complete B15/Pangamic Acid supplement
Quality from the brand you’ll consider!
Vitamin B15 – 500 mg | 90 Capsules
The most complete B15 formula to be had today! 

Each capsule includes TMG, DMG, Calcium Pangamate, Calcium Gluconate, Gluconic Acid 

About Vitamin B15/Pangamic Acid

Found naturally in brewer’s yeast, whole brown rice, pumpkin seeds and apricot seeds, Pangamic Acid (also known as Vitamin B-15) has been used for centuries to lend a hand improve healthy lungs and heart. Vitamin B15 may even lend a hand improve endurance and fight fatigue. 

Vitamin B17 & Vitamin B15 Work Better Together

Many people also take Vitamin B15 at the same time as they’re taking Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin). Both are found naturally in the kernel of the apricot seeds. Many of us imagine they work together to get the most out of your B17 diet.


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