BPI Sports NEW 1.M.R Ultra Concentrated Pre-Workout Energy & Focus (30 Servings)



1, 2, & 3 Container Quantities To be had For Every Flavor
1.M.R by BPI Sports
Concentrated Pre-Workout for Focal point and Energy
30 Servings Each
Direct from the Manufacturer
Authorized Distributor

Retail Price: $29.99 Each Our Price: $18.90 – $65.70

» Powerful intense energy
» Extreme Focal point and clarity
» Give a boost to overall performance
» Supports endurance levels and energy
» Increased muscle strength

Back with an all new ultra-concentrated formula is BPI Sports’ 1.M.R! With this formula you can have the power to push yourself beyond your limits where real transformations happen. Prepare as your muscles will be pumped to the max. Your workouts will leave you amazed as your mental Focal point heightens and you are completely zoned in, whilst feeling your blood course through your veins. Lift heavier, work out longer, and train even harder. Don’t slow down, dubbed as “the most powerful pre-workout supplement” transform that person at the gym everyone strives to be. 

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