BPI Sports A-HD Elite & Solid Combo (30 Capsules Each) Lean Muscle Building



A-HD Elite & Solid Stack
by BPI Sports

A-HD Elite- 30 Capsules & Solid- 30 Capsules
Direct from the Manufacturer
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» Designed to promote a shredded, harder and more dry taking a look physique
» Supports the hard work you put into your diet & exercise
» Promotes razor sharp abs and deep muscle cuts
» Solid Supports Fat Loss and Muscle Fullness
» A-HD Elite- 30 capsules & Solid- 30 capsules

A-HD is designed to work by blocking/binding to the enzyme aromatase. Supporting healthy levels promotes a harder, leaner, dry taking a look physique. The ultimate result—no more retaining water, no more bloated looks—Just rock hard shredded muscle.

Solid is designed to be an extremely powerful androgenic hardening agent. Its unique defining effects may assist to promote a more contest in a position and overall hardened physique.

Scientific evidence suggests Solid may possess dual Anabolic and Androgenic properties. The physiological (regulation, metabolism, and mechanisms) importance of this dual anabolic and androgenic give a boost to simply can’t be understated. It’s t-h-e key. The important thing to Solid, The important thing to getting contest in a position!

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