BodyBelief Weight Loss Program



Welcome to the complete Body Belief Body Transformation System! 

It takes 21 days to make a new habit but it takes 90 days to make a lasting change. The Body Belief Transformation System is a 90 day program combining our daily tea, audio course with workbook & transformation journal to help you grow to be yourself from the inside out.
We all know that eating less and moving more results in weight loss but why doesn’t it last or why do we put the weight back on? Studies have shown that we go back to old habits and old ways of thinking that got us where we were first of all. The Body Belief Transformation Journal will permit you to change your subconscious mind and put new habits and thinking into place for a new you!

Our Complete Body Belief Transformation System includes:

The daily Transformation Journal with space to track water, supplements, meals, snacks, workouts, affirmations, and so a lot more. You’re going to find long lasting weight loss with ease the use of our system!
Body Belief Workbook & Audio Course includes 4 CDs and a workbook to use along side our daily Body Belief Transformation Journal. Are you an emotional or stress eater? What triggers your eating or feelings? In this course You’re going to discover your fat triggers and grow to be educated on how to change your reactions.
Our premium, loose leaf tea includes a SLIMMING DAY TEA with a special blend of luxury oolong & green tea leaves. The day tea helps cleanse your body of toxins gently without laxative ingredients. Oolong also boosts the metabolism & increases energy, plus aids in digestion.
Our CRAVING CONTROL NIGHT TEA is a special blend of premium rooibos & chamomile which safely suppresses appetite for sweets and carbs at night. The Night Tea also helps you calm down cleansing your body of cortisol & adrenaline, the stress hormones responsible for increased appetite related to stress.

Give the Body Belief Transformation System 90 days and uncover the NEW YOU!


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