Best Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair – Gaming and Theater



About the product

  • 2-IN-1-CHOOSE TO MASSAGE OR JUST TO SIT-Elegantly designed Cloud9 PU leather massage chair, will greatly give a boost to your dining area. It comes with 4 Pcs airbags in the seat, and 3D retractable rollers which moves 4 ways-IN-OUT-LEFT-RIGHT. This ensures a sensational massage, on your back where the power rollers will calm down muscle and body, and may also be controlled with the REMOTE. When done, the rollers will retract, so your may not feel them, and just get to enjoy the chair as a comfortable sofa!
  • REVERSIBLE HIDDEN LEG MASSAGE-A hidden leg rest will pop up, which on one side will act as an ottoman to rest your tired legs, and then flip it over to enjoy a soothing foot or calf airbag massage, with its 12 Pcs airbags in there.
  • TECHNOLOGY POWER SUPPLY-Want to recharge your phone – any mobile or ipad whilst resting? The powered USB plug in conjunction with the chair will allow more than one uses, including charging your phone. It has a 5V votage, and chair should be plugged in all the time when in use. In addition it comes with a WIRELESS BLUETOOTH 4.0 STEREO MUSIC & SPEAKERS,which connects to any Bluetooth enabled devices. All is controlled with the remote, that is included with the chair.
  • HIGH QUALITY-This massage chair is made with the highest quality of PU leather and has a 5 YEAR ANTI-HYDROLYSIS WARRANTY, which makes sure your sofa stays in great condition, attractive and durable.
  • NO INSTALLATION OR ASSEMBLY NEEDEDCloud9 massage chair is ready to use straight out of the box, as it’s fully installed and assembled.


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