Authentic Cordless Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massage Rechargeable HV-270




Original  Magic Wand Rechargeable

“Hitachi” Cordless Massager


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The Magic Wand™ Rechargeable is now liberated from its cord to offer soothing stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime in rechargeable form. The Magic Wand™ has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations. Whether you want to soothe an aching shoulder or want a more “personal” intimate massage experience, it delivers satisfaction time after time. The Magic Wand™ Rechargeable delivers unparalleled power and deep, penetrating vibrations through its firm massaging silicone head. It now offers users 4 vibration intensities and 4 exciting vibration patterns with an option for a plug and play feature to verify It’s at all times in a position each time you are. Power adapter compatible with 100-240V, 50/60Hz included. It’s backed by a 1-year quality warranty


Today, there is an even more convenient choice for lovers of the Magic Wand: The Magic Wand Rechargeable. It is a cordless version that offers the freedom to enjoy the Magic Wand almost anywhere, anytime.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable pleases with the same, strong, penetrating vibrations as the Original and features a silicone head, 4 intensity levels and 4 great vibration patterns. In truth, reviewers referred to as it “incredibly powerful” and “just as strong as the original.”

The Magic Wand Rechargeable comes with its own charging adapter and a 7ft cord. As an added bonus, this massager can be utilized both cordless and plugged in (“plug-and-play”). How’s that for ultimate freedom and flexibility?



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