Astaxanthin Powerful Antioxidant Support 4mg 180 caps 6 Month Supply Made In USA



Astaxanthin 4mg 180 Capsules 6 Month Supply

Super Antioxidant

Boosting Athletic Performance


Astaxanthin 4mg 180 Capsules

Astaxanthin is believed to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. Research has shown it can benefit your entire body, from preventing sunburn, to boosting athletic performance; preventing cataracts and the most common cause of blindness; preventing dementia, and treating the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis

In one study, male athletes taking 4 mg of astaxanthin a day improved their strength three times faster than those taking a placebo; increasing the number of deep knee bends they were able to perform after six months of training by 62 percent, compared to 22 percent for the placebo group engaged in identical training

Nine human clinical studies have shown astaxanthin can prevent tired eyes by maintaining optimal motor function and protecting your eyes against damaging UV rays

While salmon, shrimp, lobster, crab and some other fish are good food sources of astaxanthin, it would be near inconceivable to reach therapeutic doses through your diet. Furthermore, farm raised varieties will have to be have shyed away from at all cost, as they contain synthetic moderately than natural astaxanthin, which is created from petrochemicals and may have unknown toxicities.

Regarding White Powder Astaxanthin

 Tom Ho Chee Leng

 “You will have to be careful of astaxanthin product that appears bright red, the only reason for that is the manufacturer used coloring on the fillers.”

Natural No Chemicals Or Color Dyes Added.


Astaxanthin 4mg

Serving Size: 1 capsule Daily With Meals

180 Count bottle = 6 Month Supply



We Never Sell Old Shelf , Rejected Or Near To Expire Products.

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If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.


Refund Policy

We will Gladly Give Refunds within 30 days only for bottles that have seals that have not been broken. There will absolutely be no refunds if the bottle seal is broken. Unfortunately if a seal is broken it can not be resold for safety reasons and I am sure you’ll appreciate us taking that precaution. With that said we are Not allowed to sell bottles with opened containers or any broken seals. We have a restocking fee of 15% this is just to cover our time and what it cost in supplies and shipping fees when we sent it out.

Tracking Number:

We Will Provide You with a Tracking Number for Your Records. We Try to ship out the same day if conceivable once we have Confirmation Of A Cleared Payment. The Only Exception To This is if it falls on the weekend or the Post Office Is Closed For A Holiday.

Payment Requirements: To Be Made To Pay Pal Within 3 Days Of Your Purchase.

Shipments : First Class Only to the USA.

Sorry But At This Time We Do Not Ship Internationally. 

I need to thank each of you who view this website. I am a interdenominational minister and consider also that we will have to help each other to be as healthy as we will for Our Lord so we will share His love with all denominations. I use monies made from these sales for ministry trips. I minister in Protestant and Catholic Churches and traveled in Korea, Africa, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Canada just to name a few. I have seen thousands Saved and God Restore Sight to The Blind and Heal The Lame.

I am a former Youth Pastor and Now Do Mission Ministry Work. I also know that He wants us to get as Healthy as we will for Him which is why I am losing all this weight. God can heal us but He also wants us to take care of our bodies so we don’t get into a situation that we need a healing. He wants to let every one reading this to know that He actually Loves You and Your Families. He has been so merciful to me a sinner when He heard my prayer and came into my heart as my Savior and now I want all to know this great love.

May The Lords Hand Touch You & Lead You Into His Great Love & May You Be Touched With His Healing Hand.

Thanks For Visiting

Big God Bless


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