Approx 500 Graviola Soursop Leaves-Ships from USA



Approximately 500 hand picked graviola leaves from wild trees in the Caribbean. 

Free USA Shipping.

Hello and thank you
for visiting my eBay store.

If you are here then I’m sure you know about some great benefits of these leaves.

We are
true believers in this amazing plant and since we are living in the
tropics where Graviola(soursop) trees grow, we are able to
help others get the fresh, air dried leaves picked from wild trees here in the Caribbean. Chemical and pesticide free.

  • We will mail you approximately 500 Graviola leaves. Leaves are picked, cleaned and air dried, right from the living trees for only $30.00 including shipping. Graviola leaves will be mailed
    by the use of US Mail and the $30 includes the shipping to any USA address.
  • For shipping
    out of doors the USA, please see out of doors USA shipping options.
  • These leaves were hand picked from wild Graviola trees. The leaves are irregular in size and a few
    are broken throughout the picking, cleaning, drying and packing process. There are no pesticides or fertilizers used on these trees.
  • We are now
    sending these leaves to my daughter in Florida for faster shipping
    because of this your order will be shipped out the next day.
    Instructions are included in the package of

Thank you and God


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