AdvoCare Spark Canister 10.5 Oz. – Choose Flavor – Brand New – Free Shipping



This product is authentic. The malicious buyers who are trying to sabotage my business are the same buyers doing this to a large number of other sellers that I have been in contact with since the sabotage started. Some of them even order each week and they almost all the time order 2 or 3 to keep leaving this malicious feedback. Order with confidence that your product is authentic and fresh.

AdvoCare Spark. New. Energy Drink mix is a unique multi-nutrient system that’s designed to provide nutritionally advanced, long-lasting energy and enhanced mental Focal point. Its 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients work synergistically to provide you with healthy, balanced energy without making you jittery like other caffeinated beverages. Spark’s unique combination of ingredients offers you fast-acting energy and B-vitamins make stronger your body’s natural energy-sustaining processes. For mental Focal point and clarity, the neuroactive amino acids in Spark help sharpen your mental Focal point and alertness by supporting your brain’s ability to efficiently transmit messages within the nervous system. Spark offers you a lift that lasts for hours.

Great for work.

Sharpens Mental Focal point

Long Lasting Energy

Sugar Free

Sugar-free and only 45 calories

Helps fight occasional drowsiness

For ages 18 and older.

Blend, shake or stir contents of one pouch or one level scoop into 8 fluid ounces of water.


Keep out of reach of children.

Pregnant or nursing women must consult a healthcare professional prior to use. Not to be used by persons who are sensitive to caffeine or choline.

Spark incorporates 120mg of caffeine.


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