6x Similasan Homeopathic Ear Relief Ear Drops 100% Natural 0.33 fl oz 09/2019+



This listing is for six (6):

Homeopathic Ear Relief 
Ear Drops 
100% Natural 
0.33 fl oz every (1.98 oz total)

Exp:09/2019 or better (earliest dates ship first)

“Similasan Ear Relief ear drops
lend a hand to temporarily clear water trapped in the ear, and the homeopathic
ingredients lend a hand temporarily stimulate the body’s natural ability to soothe the
ear; decrease the ear’s sensitivity to external factors such as water, cold,
and drafts; reduce the clogged sensation in the ear; and return the eat to a
water-free and comfortable condition.”

Some boxes not included.  Included boxes is also shopworn, including dents, scuffs, scratches, rips, tears,
tape, stickers, markings, stains from adjacent product leaks, and the like. (See photos
for accurate visual description.)  All products
have been inspected, and are new, unopened, factory-sealed.  Please do not purchase if you don’t consider
you’ll be satisfied with the boxes or products on this condition.


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