6 x Couch rolls, Beauty & Massage Table, Tattoo Equipment, Paper- Foil



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Medical Couch roll paper-foil

More and more
ceaselessly it happens that in the examination or beauty rooms  you can meet black color.

The color that has not in the past associated
with hygiene, ceaselessly replacing white, to give the room a up to date and unique
character. In particular, this applies to dentistry, cosmetic, tattoo or massage.

We are introducing the black tattoo “Tattoo Design” – a line of
exceptional products for exceptional cabinets.



Available color



Weight g/m2

Medical couch rolls are made of two layers of tissue paper
and one layer of foil.
Thanks to this combination, the material is delicate and
absorbent on the top, back side protects from leaking and strengthens the

About Us

Our Company was once
established in 1992. Since 1994 we have been manufacturing disposable

medical couch rolls,
covers and dental bibs. For nearly 20 years we have been focusing

on quality of our
services and products in addition to on development of our product range.

Today, our selection of
disposable couch covers is the largest in size and colour in all places Europe.

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