50 piece ndd Spirette TM Mouthpiece best price on ebay



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ndd Spirette TM Mouthpiece Case/50

The disposable ndd Spirette mouthpiece
acts as a hygienic shield, and is transparent to the ultrasonic pulses
travelling between the measurement transducers. It incorporates an
ultrasonic sensor to monitor the air going out and in of the patient’s


• Positioning of teeth assists in keeping spiretteTM securely in place
• Tight lip seal prevents leaks
• Bacteria filter membrane built into each and every spiretteTM prevents cross contamination
• Mouthpiece is made of smooth non-stick polyethylene for patients
comfort, shaped oval for optimal lip seal and teeth positioning, and
conical to fit different mouth sizes
• no other running costs are involved: no costs for calibration
equipment, no costs or downtime for maintenance, no costs for filters,
sensors, or adaptors, spiretteTM is the one accessory
• Just insert spiretteTM , in a position for measurement (no bar code, no input of numbers)
• The TrueFlow instrument guides you throughout the process of spirometry
• No maintenance in anyway is needed with spiretteTM and TrueFlow instruments
• No calibration or checking procedures are required
• The safest respiratory fl ow measurement system available
• Lightweight PE, environmentally friendly, disposable and bio-degradable


This is item is no prescription needed. you  can purchase with none prescriptions

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