3Pack CoQ-10 800mg/Serving 600 Capsules Coq10 Co Q10 Coenzyme Made USA Facility




CoQ-10 Q-10 coq10 CO Q10 co-enzyme 800 mg, Highest Quality, Made In USA –

Anti Aging Cardiovascular

3 Pack Of 200 Capsules Per Bottle = 600 Capsules

  CoQ-10 (ubiquinone) 800mg Per Serving Size 2 Capsules Max Strength
  Easy To Swallow Capsules

Doctors Recommend CoQ10 As stated by Noted Doctor & The Reasons Why

(CoQ10) is important for your body’s daily functions that it is also known as “ubiquinone” because it’s ‘ubiquitous’ in the human body — CoQ10 is actually used by every cell in your body.

For instance, CoQ10 is required for your cells to produce energy, and is an integral part of helping cells take fat and other substances and convert them into usable energy.

CoQ10 can also help protect your body from free radical damage. Free radicals are oxygen atoms deficient in electrons that become highly reactive. This in turn causes potential damage to your tissues and DNA.

It is on account of its powerful antioxidant protection that CoQ10 is regularly recommended for a wide variety of heart-related conditions, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, which require extra protection from free radical damage.

CoQ10 has actually been the subject of thousands of research studies, and in addition to the new finding above that CoQ10 may help reduce the risk of fatty liver in people with obesity, CoQ10 may also:

Help you produce more energy for your cells

Boost your heart health

Act as an antioxidant to offer protection to you from free radicals

Help you reduce the signs of normal aging

Help you maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range

Provide a boost to your immune system

Support your nervous system


What You Need to Know About CoQ10 as You Get Older

Your body requires the reduced form of CoQ10 (ubiquinol) to help you limit free radical production.

If you’re under 25 years old your body is capable of converting CoQ10 from the oxidized to the reduced form. Alternatively, if you’re older, your body becomes more and more challenged to convert the oxidized CoQ10 to ubiquinone.

It becomes more and more difficult for you to produce the ubiquinone you wish to have due to:

Increased metabolic demand

Oxidative stress

Insufficient dietary Co Q10 intake

Deficiency of factors required for biosynthesis and ubiquinone conversion

Potential effects from illness and disease

Age-related changes in your genes

And any combination of these factors

Further, as you get older your body levels of CoQ10 continue to diminish, making it even more difficult to maintain adequate levels.

So, if you’re over 40, I would highly recommend taking a reduced form of coenzyme Q10 called ubiquinone, because it’s far more

effectively absorbed by your body. This is without doubt one of the few supplements I consider highly beneficial for nearly all adults.

CoQ10 is Essential if You Take Statin Drugs

Anytime I write about CoQ10 I absolutely have to share this fact with you, because such a lot of people are taking statin drugs and are completely unaware of this important information.

Statin drugs used to lower cholesterol typically work by reducing an enzyme in your liver, which not only reduces the production of cholesterol, but it also reduces the production of coenzyme Q10. When you lower the production of CoQ10, you increase your risk of a variety of different health problems.

Premature aging is one primary side effect of having too little CoQ10 because this essential vitamin recycles other antioxidants,

 such as vitamin C and E.

CoQ10 deficiency also accelerates DNA damage, and because CoQ10 is beneficial to heart health and muscle function this depletion leads to fatigue, muscle weakness, soreness and eventually heart failure. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to supplement with CoQ10 if you’re taking a statin drug.

In my view it is medical malpractice to prescribe a statin drug without recommending one take CoQ10, or better yet ubiquinol.

Unfortunately, many doctors fail to inform their patients of this fact.

CoQ-10 (ubiquinone) 800mg 
Maximum Strength

 3 Pack Of 200 Capsules Per Bottle = 600 Capsules

 Easy To Swallow Capsules

Take 2 Daily Preferably With Meals

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Powder

Contains No: Artificial coloring, artificial flavor, preservatives, yeast, corn, milk or mild derivatives lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten, starch or wheat.




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I want to thank each of you who view this website. I am a interdenominational minister and believe also that we should help each other to be as healthy as we will be able to for Our Lord so we will be able to share His love with all denominations. I use monies made from these sales for ministry trips. I minister in Protestant and Catholic Churches and traveled in Korea, Africa, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Canada just to name a few. I have seen thousands Saved and God Restore Sight to The Blind and Heal The Lame.

I am a former Youth Pastor and Now Do Mission Ministry Work. I also know that He wants us to get as Healthy as we will be able to for Him which is why I am losing all this weight. God can heal us but He also wants us to take care of our bodies so we don’t get into a situation that we need a healing. He wants to let every one reading this to know that He truly Loves You and Your Families. He has been so merciful to me a sinner when He heard my prayer and came into my heart as my Savior and now I want all to know this great love.

May The Lords Hand Touch You & Lead You Into His Great Love & May You Be Touched With His Healing Hand.

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