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THE BLUE & ORANGE WORK TOGETHER!!!! Our weight loss combo, the TruFix & TruControl synergistically work TOGETHER which means that IF you need LONG LASTING RESULTS then you MUST take them together and be CONSISTENT!!! TruFix balances the blood chemistry… No matter if your BMI is too high or too low … Your body is balanced through your blood chemistry so that means that it is a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT system as it balances the body to a healthy and balanced BMI. TruFix assists in cleansing the liver, lowering cholesterol and balancing blood sugar. All of these things go hand in hand with cleansing the body, losing weight and increasing energy. Our weight loss combo is NOT a diet pill! It is a supplement. One that balances your body. It is NOT likely that you’re going to balance your body overnight as you did not get unhealthy/overweight overnight AND it may take more time for some than others as our bodies are all different. When you commit to losing weight and getting healthy our weight loss combo when taken consistently will make that process so much easier. The TruFix is a MUST in this combo as it breaks away and dissolves that visceral fat. Taking traditional “diet products” that are thermogenic, force your body to lose weight and our combo works with your body, you see when you force the body to lose weight you also lose lean muscle mass and organ tissues can be depleted as well….. This is VERY unhealthy!! Low carb and low calorie diets can have this have an effect on also. TruFix & TruControl are formulated as a combo, for optimal results you must take them together, this will ensure that you retain your lean muscle tissue and deplete only the visceral fat. I see such a lot of commenting and asking others “are you in the gym” or what is your “workout schedule” well when your lean muscle becomes healthier and the visceral fat stores are being dissolved this gives the appearance that you are working out. You are going to also notice less weight lost in the breast tissue and that is because the TruFix dissolves the visceral fat and breast tissue is subcutaneous fat. This is why You are going to see the inches are coming off even when the weight remains the same…. Unlike most diet pills ours is not a thermogenic product.

Visceral Fat vs TruFix Visceral fat is the unhealthy fat that collects around the waistline. It isn?t just a problem in those who are overweight or obese. Even thin people can still have visceral fat. If you’re thin and not fit, you probably have visceral fat. Why should we care about this? This kind of fat ages you and depletes your energy. It overworks and wreaks havoc on the liver. It has been linked to a slew of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and metabolic syndrome (a set of risk factors which increases the chance of developing these diseases). Additionally, the more visceral fat you have, the lower the amount of energy your body can create at any given time. It is because visceral fat is the most dangerous kind of fat that doctors have grown more concerned about waist size than the number on the scale, which can be very deceiving. Whilst abdominal fat is regularly visible, visceral fat can be hidden deep inside an outwardly “thin” person. The same holds true for fat that can line blood vessels, restrict blood glide, and damage the cardiovascular system. What does this have to do with TruVision? Well, our products, the TruFix , works from the ?inside out.? This means it goes after this visceral fat ? the worst fat, the bad stuff that contributes to all those diseases FIRST. This is exciting news! For those of you who aren?t ?getting any results,? realize that this fat that we are talking about, the stuff that surrounds your organs, and is UNDER the muscle of your abdomen, is not the most visible stuff. Once TruFix takes care of the worst fat that is the most dangerous to your health, it is going to move on to the more visible subcutaneous fat we are all familiar with. Removing visceral fat decreases the chances for such a lot of health issues, in addition to decreasing our waistlines.

This pack includes:

1 box of truFIX
1 box of truCONTROL


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