3 BOXES 159 vegetarian meals Health Nutrition energy Natural Ingredient product



Please note: the price is THREE BOXES; 10 packs/box.

Product information

It is made up of 159 kinds of natural materials, it can Control body sub health, Expel toxin,

restoring the body’s self-healing ability, can be used to lose weight Increase weight help heal

three HighdiabetesStomach trouble Bowel diseasehyperthyroidism Skin disease

Gynecological diseases and other diseases, give a boost to the body resistance.

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159’s dietary therapy combination and formulas are meant to get well human’s self healing power and functions;

instead of the external stimulus from western medicines.

Dietary therapy Moisturizes body in silence but effectively, it treats the fundamentals of human body

and circulations.The modern human organs bares a large number of burden, and needs its nature recovery at night;

but only got worse by heavy middle of the night snacks

Three recommended 159 dietary therapy treatments:

1.Most recommended

7 days with 159 for all meals

5-7 AM take one pack of 159, with 200ml of water before and after the therapy treatment

11AM-1PM take one pack of 159, with 200ml of water before and after the therapy remedy

5-7 PM take one pack of 159,with 200ml of water before and after the therapy treatment

Add 1-2 packs of 159 according to hunger level, once a pack;

can also extend the remedy to 14-21 days according to body condition

2. Use 159 to replace breakfast and dinner only

3. Use 159 to replace dinner only

Every 7 days being a full remedy, and one have to personally experience the remedy to understand

the difference

Everyone’s body react in a different way to the remedy; 159 treats the body as a whole instead of partially,

when the body circulation start to self-heal, all the partial damage will naturally get well.

Usually the 7 days 159 remedy will recover Constipation, obesity, insomnia, poor concentration,

fatigue, loss of appetite, poor memory, skin gloss

The 159 dietary therapy is a special detoxification method, we call it the meal replacement remedy.

The remedy will give Systemic bone, muscle, skin, internal organs, blood,

body fluid and secretion of various pipelines,secretions a big filtration and cleansing,

maintaining purity of the body,promote harmony of human conditioning system,

eliminate source of sickness.

The dietary therapy have less foot intakes,lightened the burden for liver,

which in return cleans the toxins in blood Even as synthesis good immune vitality.

159 Full vegetarian meal list of ingredients:

Grains: rice , Coix Seed ,black rice , corn, buckwheat , oats ,broomcorn millet , brown rice ,

Sorghum , wheat , barley , soybeans , greaterblack beans , black beans , red beans , green beans ,

Peas , beans , chickpeas , lentils , beans ,greenpeas , kidney beans , peas , soybeans ,

string beans , long beans , ridge boatbeans , cowpea

Nuts: pecans , hazelnut , pine nuts , pistachio, almonds , sunflower seeds , peanuts , ginkgo nuts

Seeds: watermelon seeds , pumpkin seeds , grapesseeds , cucumber seeds , basil seeds , lettuce seeds,

Brassica juncea seeds ,waxgourd seeds , bitter gourd seeds , square melon seeds , chayote seeds,

towelgourd seeds,gourd seeds , squash seeds , zucchini seeds, horn melon seeds , celeryseeds,

parsley seeds , radish seeds , cauliflower , broccoli seeds , kohlrabiseeds , spinach seeds ,

endive seeds ,pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds , amaranthusdubius seeds , carrot seeds ,cedar seeds,

kale seeds , Chrysanthemum seeds , rapeseeds , black sesame ,

white sesame , seabuckthorn seeds , cassia seeds , radishseeds , jujube seeds , hemp seeds ,

pine pollen mushroom and algae: Hazelmushroom , Hericium ,black fungus , Russula ,

matsutake , poria , white fungus , morel , Lentinusedodes , red mushroom, winter mushroom ,

great spirulina ,kelp , seaweed Flowers: red rose petals , liac , chrysanthemumsophora japonica ,

Seville orange flower ,white lupine flowers , honeysuckle , DanFengpeony ,tea flower

Other: wolfberry ,red dates , peppers ,andother 159 kinds of ingredients


1.well balanced full nutrients

2.Alkaline food: correct acidicbody condition

3.Rich of vegetable protein

4.Less carbohydrates

5.Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

6.Rich ofantioxidant-phytonutrients

Restore cell self-healing power: healfaster ,cure together .


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