24 Modes TENS Electronic Pulse Massager Muscle Stimulator Electrotherapy COMBO



truTENStronic™ TX224 (Rechargeable TENS + EMS Combo Unit)
FDA 510K approved OTC 

Includes Massager Package + Shoes + Belt + Ear Clips 
(starting 8/4/17)

Don’t know which TENS to make a choice from? Here’s why truTENStronic is the right TENS for you! Please compare us with others!

We are also the only seller to offer Combo with Shoes, Belt & Ear Clips!
  1. It’s a dual channel TENS unit, You’ll be able to use either two or four pads at a time to treat 2 areas simultaneously. Single channel machines can only be used with two pads.
  2. It has a built-in lithium battery. It’s rechargeable up to 12 hours continuous use and is likely to command a greater investment. No ongoing replacement battery costs.
  3. It has independent intensity controls for each channel. You’ll be able to increase and decrease the remedy strength one at a time within the channels. This can be a highly desirable feature because if you’re treating two areas at the same time it can be that you require a stronger intensity for one. Keep an eye on A & B ports’ intensities one at a time! 
  4. It has 20 intensity levels. With 20 levels it’d be a 5% per increase / decrease.  
  5. Comes with a USB cable (to charge through a pc) as well as an AC adapter for mains charging.
  6. Unit is light and slim like an iphone, LCD screen is 3.75″ with cool blue backlit light.
  7. Not all TENS units have preset modes. These are designed to make it simpler for the user.
  8. This device is cleared by the FDA as an over-the-counter (OTC) class II medical device. 
  9. Detailed user manual with helpful tips for pain relief.  
  10. It has 24 modes and is patent pending. For an authentic unit, please make sure the brand name is truTENStronic.
  11. Easy to Keep an eye on buttons, unlike other ultra-sensitive units.
  12. Adjustable timer from 10 to 60 minutes.
  13. Look for the UL certified logo on our chargers! (Different from what you have seen! Please see Photos)
  14. We use safety shrouded medical socket cables that would not overheat.
  15. Pads are FDA Cleared.
  16. truTENStronic replacement pads are of premium quality but very affordable! 
And our Prices are UNBELIEVABLY LOW! It’s a No Brainer!
truTENStronic™ Massagers are FDA, FCC, CE Certification Approved for a reason.

Standard Shipping?? No way!
We are the ONLY SELLER to offer Expedited Shipping! Plus we offer 4 Large Pads!

Still not convinced?

1) We are the FIRST to sell 16 & 24 modes TENS on ebay! USA Seller with 100% positive feedback!

2) Fresh Stock with Improved Components each week because of our rapid sales. Unlike others, we ONLY sell TENS units!
3) Returnable in the same UNUSED condition because of hygiene reasons minus original shipping cost & restocking fee. 

4) We help Raise Funds for Local Charities.  

What do you get? You get 1 Massager, 1 UL Certified Charger, 1 USB Cable, 2 FDA Cleared Safety Lead Connectors, 1 Pad Holder, 2 sets of FDA Cleared Large Pads (4 pads total), 1 Instruction Manual & 1 Points & Functions List Plus Shoes, Belt & Ear Clips!


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Massage Shoes stimulate pressure points, relieve headaches, migraines, stomach aches, tiredness, release muscular tension, promote blood circulation & body’s life force.

Massage Belt gives relief for the lower back, arms & thighs. Our specially designed belt allows device to be held securely in place & help tone your abdominal muscles. No Pads Needed!

Massage Ear Clips are commonly used for headaches, sinuses, to Keep an eye on anxiety, depression or insomnia.


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