200 ppm Colloidal Silver Nail Gel for Clearer Nails – Ethanoic Acid – Fungus






Colloidal Silver
Nail GEL 

200 ppm

with Ethanoic Acid and Peppermint Essential Oil



Net Weight 5.1 ounces or ( 135 mL)


This batch is onsale as there are extra bubbles in the gel, but
won’t effect results.



Made with 10,000 volts AC to produce the smallest particle size and very stable.

Water undergoes reverse osmosis twice, then is steam distilled and tested at 0 ppm. Only
glass made in USA is used in processing.

Colloidal content is  83 %

Ionic content is 17 %

Non BPA container squeeze
bottle. Sealed inside top and sealed on outdoor top too. Just wish to puncture
top under cap with any pin.


Is used as an anitbacterial, antiviral, antifungal

for the nails.

Ethanoic Acid is 9.4% in concentration and will
kill fungus on my own and thin the keratin under the nail with repeated usage.

This was once made a little thicker than is repeatedly
sold and is less runny. Just apply to entire nail and underneath
in a light coat with a drop or two a couple of time day-to-day or as needed. 

The vinegar smell of ethanoic acid is buffered
with peppermint essential oil.



Every batch is labeled to the true ppm and true makeup of colloidal and ionic
nano silver ratio.

This is made with 400 ppm colloidal silver and
diluted down with other ingredients.


Only nano silver for colloidal and ionic is produced and is done very slowly. After
100ppm the silver particles are bigger, but this okay because it for external
nail applications only.
Weights of silver rods before and after are used to decide ppm, taking into
account periodic silver wasted from cleaning rods. 



Ingredients: 99.99% silver, distilled water, ethanoic acid 9.4%, xanthan gum,
peppermint essential oil, polysorbate 20

Made in USA.


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